Kate Miller

Executive Director

Kate Miller has been actively engaged in supporting and working to improve education in San Leandro since 2005. She has held various other professional roles include small business owner, event coordinator, marketing/office management, and most recently in Personnel Services at the San Leandro Unified School District. Additionally, Kate has served in leadership roles for elementary, middle, and high school parent groups, focusing on fundraising and communication to grow and sustain the groups and their impact on students and the school communities. 

A Bay Area native since childhood and ‘official’ San Leandran since 1997, Kate has seen how San Leandro has grown and changed. Having witnessed the inception of the San Leandro Education Foundation in 2008 and its immediate impact on our schools, Kate became one of SLED’s strongest supporters, playing a pivotal role in the planning and execution of every SLED gala.

As a lifelong public school attendee from kindergarten through college, Kate believes that a strong, equitable public education system is absolutely essential to the health of our communities and future.  With her own two children products of San Leandro public schools from kindergarten to high school, she has seen directly how a strong education foundation can impact and support students across all backgrounds and circumstances, enhancing everyone’s educational experience and building community.