Just Curious:

What is your most significant school memory?

Be Honest.

It probably wasn’t the lesson on multiplication tables, or the thick homework packets. Those things are super important, but more likely, the education moment that stayed with you was a field trip, or the a science lab experiment, or maybe a volunteer or community service experience.

Real Talk.

Our public education is awesome, but we can no longer take for granted that field trips, enrichment activities, or even sometimes basic needs¬† are available to all students, all of the time. And these are not ‘extras‘ – these are essential.¬†

That's Why SLED Was Founded.

The San Leandro Education Foundation exists to provide these hands-on, experience oriented essentials. We strive to fund and support programs that impact as many students as possible, with a focus on equity for our diverse San Leandro community.

Make a Difference.

It’s easy to be part of SLED’s mission. You can donate, become a volunteer, serve on our Board of Directors, or attend a SLED event. We believe strong education equals a strong community, and we are all in this together!

Equitable Access to Education Enrichment

The San Leandro Education Foundation was created in 2008 to help provide equitable education opportunities to all San Leandro public school students. SLED knows that hands-on learning is essential, and that our community is strengthened by quality education. We strive to fund, support, and create programs that provide local students with memorable and impactful learning opportunities.

Our success in enhancing education for local students is thanks to our dedicated community and local business partners who donate to SLED, attend events, and support quality education.