Who We Are

The San Leandro Education Foundation believes that when a child succeeds, we all succeed. We understand that the vitality and future of San Leandro is directly linked to the quality of its public schools, that’s why we have been bringing the community together since 2008 to help all twelve schools in the San Leandro USD.

Here in San Leandro two out of three families struggle to make ends meet. And half of all students are English Language Learners who are challenged not only to learn the academic content but do so in their second language.

With a little help from the community, San Leandro students can reach their potential. The Foundation is a conduit for all forms of support, including time, talent and treasure! Please join us in helping every child succeed!

Our Role

The San Leandro Education Foundation’s role is to serve as a bridge for those in the community who want to invest in our children and schools and the future of the San Leandro community by providing opportunities and mechanisms to leverage valuable resources where they are needed the most.

Our Mission

The Education Foundation’s mission is to identify and mobilize local, regional and national resources in order to bring increased funding, innovative programming and strong partnerships to San Leandro Unified School District’s public schools.

We believe:

  1. Strong public schools are essential to our quality of life and the future well-being of our city
  2. Vibrant communities require high quality public schools
  3. The education of our children is the responsibility of the entire community
  4. Academic enrichment enhances the educational experience and creates lifelong learners who are better equipped to adapt to change

Focus Areas