Inspire Students

Kids in Garden

Today’s youth must navigate not only the “real world,” but also the “virtual world.” Now more than ever they need support in developing socio-emotional skills.

Programs like Outdoor Education and Season of Service - Period of Peace SUPPORT our student’s emotional, social and physical development; ensuring they graduate as confident, aware and compassionate young adults.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is a transformative experience for elementary students. In outdoor education programs, kids have the opportunity to get hands-on practice putting scientific research principals into action and it provides a stage for youth to creatively share their fears, challenges and aspirations.

We believe that all of the children in the SLUSD should be able to experience programs such as Outdoor Education.

For 2017-18 SLED is providing all elementary schools with funding to help support outdoor education.

Outdoor Education

SLED supports Season of service, period of Peace, a ten- week long school-wide non- violence program, credited with reducing incidents of violence at the high school by 50%.

The Season of Service attempts to both empower and be transformative as it gives students a forum for their voices; a stage for their actions. It is aligned with San Leandro Unified’s Student Health & Wellness Center’s youth empowerment model: a process oriented, educational movement, guided by passion and principle, to help students develop consciousness of freedom, and connect knowledge to power and the ability to take constructive action.

The Season of Service has been a part of a series of non-violence activities at San Leandro High for the past seven years and has become the cornerstone to the school’s violence prevention program. Additional examples of student projects can be viewed at

More information about SOSPOP can be found at

Youth Opportunity Scholarships
Bancroft and John Muir Middle School Students

The San Leandro Education Foundation is excited to partner with the Youth Opportunity Scholarship program! This program is supported by a San Francisco-based family foundation that is interested in giving San Leandro youth opportunities to develop and follow their passions.

Once complete, students can give the application to their Parent Facilitator in the main office.
At John Muir Middle School please see Jasmin Vega.
At Bancroft Middle School please see Joanna Garcia.

What is the Youth Opportunity Scholarships program about?

The goal of the program is to help students pursue their passion. Students can apply for scholarships of up to $250 to pay for extracurricular activities or $500 for summer camp of their choosing. This is a chance for students to dream big and decide what it is that they want to learn. Students can renew their scholarship for the same activity one time. Each student is eligible to receive a total of $500 in scholarships.

Who can apply?

Students in 6-8th grade attending Bancroft or John Muir Middle Schools (summer scholarships available to students entering the 9th grade.)

What can I apply for?

Whatever you’re excited about! Students can apply for scholarships to cover the cost of any program or activity that they would like to pursue. In the past, students have used the money for dance classes, music lessons, sports teams, creative arts courses, outdoor activities, and more.
A resource list of sample activities is provided, but students can apply for activities not included on the list. Please note: Checks can only be issued to businesses or organizations. They cannot be made out to individuals. Please research the activity to ensure that the check can be made out to a business/organization.

How do I apply?

There are two parts to the application: the application form and the personal essay. The application form is where the student lists information about themselves, the activity they want to do, and information about their adult contact. The adult contact can be anyone (parent/guardian, sibling, counselor, etc.) who is willing to ensure regular attendance and coordinate transportation to/from the activity for the student, but a parent/guardian signature is required on all applications.
The personal essay is the most important part of the application. Students must write or type an essay that addresses each of the questions listed on the application form. Students can also include video, artwork, photos, or other items to further illustrate their answers.

Apply Any Time

Once complete, students can turn them into their Parent Facilitator in the main office.
At John Muir Middle School please see Jasmin Vega.
At Bancroft Middle School please see Joanna Garcia.

In the summer, when school is not in session, email completed application and essay to with the subject line: "Youth Opportunity Scholarship". During the summer, you may also mail applications to:
San Leandro Education Foundation
14735 Juniper St.
San Leandro, CA 94579